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The character DigitalXaos's roots started when I was in middle school playing the arcade game Street Fighter by Capcom. I would use Chun-Li because most people could not deal with her speed. Stick and move was my motto. :)

I got into Quake during college and with my then best friend Mike a.k.a. Manticore, we created the BioHunters [BH]. (I later found out he took the name from a comic book... oh well.)

I got into Quake II and was brought into the TripHop Clan [THC] with another bunch of friends that would have LAN parties every weekend... oh what good memories of playing 16 player games with techno blaring out of the stereo and porn movies on 4 televisions.

My interest in StarCraft comes and goes as I quickly tire of the micro management, but the rest of the game is securely intact.

My primary game was Tribes and it looked VERY solid. I started out as a player who couldn't find a tribe worth anything, and I finally got recruited into Tarakian [T] by 2 guys, one of which became a very good friend, although the tribe did have some problems and he left.

Tarakian had a few problems and so did Warriors of the sword [WtS] so we merged and from what I understand, we couldn't agree on a name, so we dropped both of them and became Warriors of the Phoenix [WtP].

By this point the founder of [T] and now [WtP] had to work about 7 shifts of 14 hours so he was pretty much out of it and the new leader was also (and still is) running a quake clan Tarakian so they asked me if I'd like leadership of the tribe.

I asked my fellow tribesmen and they unanimously agreed. I became the leader of the Warriors of the Phoenix. In our prime, we were #3 on the OGL Renegades Ladder! Of course every prime has a low... I did most of the work with only a few loyal helpers and eventually got fed up and resolved to drop the game Tribes all together.

After agreements of spreading the leadership responsibilities across the other senior members of the tribe, I came back, but after another month or so, even these few responsibilities became numerous and I once again resolved to quit, this time because I just didn't have enough of me to go around, and Multiplicity was only a movie...

I met a member of a tribe called NetQuick Posse {NQP}, and to make a long story short, [WtP] merged into {NQP} and I retained a position of administration as a major and have met a couple great friends that I've retained even though I'm not playing tribes.

After pissing the leader (Qing) off, he cut me from the tribe. I eventually stopped playing Tribes, and am now devoting my time to my son, career and my own clan.

I picked up Tribes 2 and played it for a while with AFO, but dropped it after RL time constraints.

At the time of this website update, the main games I play now are GuildWars and NWN.

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