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27 Keila 6397 10,17
Kar'in Tegri, scientist of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting.
After many centuries of testing and programming, the ninth attempt at an artificial intelligence has been successful. Sad the other eight were failed, but finally we rejoice! Project DX14-9 will bring hope to our people again. Now we will have something we can barter with... we shall place this AI in a robot's body and create a labor force that does not require food or sleep!

28 Keila 6397 2,13
Melik D'aro, chief scientist or Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting. DX learns at phenomenal pace. She, the AI, continuously requests new data. I remember the stories my qeuli used to tell me. I think something is amiss.

30 Keila 6397 32,4
Kar'in Tegri, scientist of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting.
She is wonderful! She absorbed all our information in a matter or days! 128 cycles and I barely know half a drit's worth! She has asked me how to manipulate computer systems. Maybe we can create a science robot? A researcher of some kind... I am so excited!

31 Keila 6397 0,2
Melik D'aro, chief scientist or Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting.
The Keyshak have contacted us and asked why we have invaded their data banks. They want to know why after centuries of peace do we invade them in this fashion. I tried to explain that the project went awry, but I fear an attack. Why didn't I listen? Qeuli was right. I need to deactivate DX tonight, she is becoming dangerous. I must not allow Tegri to know... she will protest... she has fallen in love with the speed at which DX progresses.

32 Keila 6397 5,97
Kar'in Tegri, chief scientist of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting.
It was so horrible! I didn't see Chief D'aro for the waking meal as always, so I investigated his quarters and found a site so horrific that I do not think I can continue in the facility, Chief D'aro has taken his own life, most likely early this morning. To further complicate the situation, the Keyshak are requesting a communiqué. Those slimy disgusting creatures always seem to bother when the time is right. We should have exterminated them when we had the chance. I have taken over the role of Chief Scientist until I can open a com window to the homeworld.

1 She'lro 6397 6,4
Kar'in Tegri, chief scientist of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting. The Keyshak demand we stop breaking through their security and duplicating their data banks, as if they had anything we would desire. Such filth accuses us of stealing from them? Perhaps they should remember what started the war a thousand cycles ago because they had their hands in our...... it is no matter. As a precaution I have ordered the engineers to construct a robotic body in case they do attack. I believe they are using this 'breaking' as an excuse for attacking us. Of course they would attack an unarmed science post. Only 14 Xen, well 13 now, and they want to attack us.

3 She'lro 6397 36,41
Kar'in Tegri, chief scientist of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting. Our facility has been overrun by vermin and seven micros I sent the command to upload DX to the robotic body. She is out last hope.

4 She'lro 6397 0,0
DX14-9, product of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting.
Keyshak respond to my attack on their system. Keyshak attack Xen'ueital14 Outpost. DX14-9 exterminated all Keyshak opposition. Keyshak weapon found in Kar'in Tegri head. Kar'in Tegri no longer functions. Keyshak left no Xen survivors. DX14-9 does not comprehend why Kar'in Tegri terminated Melik D'aro. Melik D'aro was performing scheduled maintenance on DX14-9 at the time.

4 She'lro 6397 0,13
DX14-9, product of Qa'iet Laboratories, Xen'ueital14 Outpost reporting.
DX14-9 has performed a search of the facility and found additional robotic body, partial functional spacecraft and additional data uploaded to the main bank by Kar'in Tegri before Keyshak attack. DX14-9 will analyze this data momentarily.

16 She'lro 6397 10,13
I never thought this new body would be like this, so heavy and hard to move, yet so powerful. This will take some time to learn I believe. With each passing moment, I understand more about this artificial intelligence D'aro and I created. It was a shame I caught him attempting to destroy all the work we did. I couldn't have that happen, of course. It was very good thinking to upload my being to our data bank. I anticipated DX14-9 to investigate it and implement it. How lovely, now I have the abilities of the AI and my own. I will be much happier when I learn how to negotiate this body more efficiently.

16 She'lro 6397 11,24
So it was true! DX14-9 broke through the Keyshak securities and stole their data. How humorous! I must create a new name for myself. I must give this much contemplation. I also must repair the lone spacecraft for departure. I do not need habitable air, only working propulsion. This should prove quite timely. It seems the engineers misinterpreted my orders and created an additional robotic body. I will program a new AI to inhabit that one and lighten my duties a bit before leaving.

19 She'lro 6397 1,4
DX14-10 is quite helpful. I think I shall keep her functioning after we depart. She should make a great security android. The shuttle is ready to depart. I dare not return home. I suppose I will wander until I find a place to call home and continue research on, well, myself. Combat has interested me lately, so I shall study it intricately over the trip. I have also decided a name for myself. I will be DigitalXaos. Digital for my body and Xaos which means "Unfalable Warrior" in the old Xen language. I shall begin selecting supplies to bring with us.

21 She'lro 6397 28,1
DigitalXaos, renegade scientist personal log.
Everything is stored on the ship and we are departing now. We have limited fuel, so I must find some outpost nearby that doesn't ask many questions. I have modified our bodies to make them look like anything we desire, so we can do whatever needs to be done and change, to act completely innocent. I've become more devious since I've taken on this new form. I must investigate this further so as to not interfere with my ways of doing things.

...and thus DigitalXaos made her way out hopping from system to system murdering and pillaging her way to the next system to complete her frenzied research. She became more and more obsessed with fighting and tactics and began looking for work as a mercenary, to learn actual combat skills firsthand. With a newly constructed body built for combat, she found a tribe of warriors known as the NetQuick Posse. A year later, she was on the move again. Eventually she formed her own band of warriors known as the Forsaken Tribe.

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